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e-Governance Initiatives / Directorate of Panchayat Raj
    The NeGP vision aims toMake all Government Services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man”.
    NeGP envisions 3 pillars of eGovernance infrastructure. These are State Wide Area Networks (SWAN), State Data Centre (SDC) for secure and fail safe data storage, and Common Service Centers (CSCs) as the primary front-ends for service delivery.
    e-Panchayat is one of the 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under NeGP under the department of Panchayat Raj. PRIASoft is an accounting Software also a part of MMP for the use of PRIs.

  • Linking e-Districts; Linking PriaSoft

    1. A state level Society in the name of MPSTEPS (M.P. STATE TECH e-PANCHAYAT SOCIETY) is registered under M.P. Firms and Societies Registration Act, which will act as an apex society to monitor, supervise, assist and implement all the GoI and GoMP projects of NeGP. This Society will integrate all Districts through e-District Societies for implementation and execution of computerization and MMPs.

    2. A District level e-District Society is getting registered in all Districts of MP, under Firms and Societies Registration Act, through the Department of I.T as per the NeGP guidelines.   e-District is also one of the 27 Mission Mode Projects implemented through Dept. of IT.

    3. The e-Panchayat Society through e-District Societies will ensure implementation of NeGP defined MMPs in Madhya Pradesh. The Executive Committee of MPSTEPS will meet on regular intervals and review the Computerization Works in 3tier PRIs.

    4. Under 13th Finance Commission funds are allocated for implementing the e-Panchayat MMPs. So the funds are apportioned and kept aside in UBI Bank in a separate account.

    5. A separate Bank Account in the name of MPSTEPS has to be opened to make funding through the Society for e-Panchayat MMPs.

    6. Wipro has conducted a survey in Sidhi and Shivpuri districts of MP and submitted ISNA, BPR and DPR reports to GoMP. A core committee is constituted for selection of  3 Consultants for drafting the DPR to handle the e-Panchayat works of MP under MMP.

    7. PRIASoft is an accounting Software which is an Online Software to be implemented in all 3tier Panchayats. viz., Zila Panchayats, Janpad Panchayats and Gram Panchayats. 

    8. To implement the PRIASoftware 4 basic needs to be fulfilled viz., a) Infrastructure - to establish e-Panchayat cell; b) Computer Hardware and Software - to be provided to all levels; c) Connectivity - through Broadband connection as it is a Web based Software and SWAN connection for secured data storage and transfer of data between Panchayats;. and    d) Manpower - to operate and execute the feeding and forwarding data online.

    9. To establish e-Panchayat cell a sum of Rs.10 lakhs have been provided to all 313 Jandpad Panchayats for extension and construction of e-Panchayat Hall.  A sum of Rs.2.50 lakhs will be provided to each Gram Panchayat Bhawan (where GP Bhawan is available) for additional e-Panchayat Cell/Room construction.  In the New proposed Gram Panchayat Bhawan as per New GP Bhawan layout a sum of Rs.10.85 lakhs were proposed under BRGF and if necessary through Panchayati Raj.

    10. The Zila Panchayats and Janpad Panchayats have already Infrastructure, Computer hardware, Connectivity and Manpower it was planned to implement PRIASoft immediately at ZP/JP levels w.e.f. 01.04.2010.

    11. The Infrastructure, Hardware/Software, Connectivity and Manpower will be provided to all Gram Panchayats in a phased manner in 3 years. (From 2010-11 till 2012-13) but can feed the PriaSoft data through JP level

    12  PriaSoft implementation strategy: It was decided earlier to go for 5 districts as Pilot to implement PriaSoft, later as per the directives from GoI for speedy implementation of PriaSoft, it was decided to implement across the MP state in PR Department initially. In this regard, a PRIASoft Workshop was organized on 15-16th November 2010 wherein 10 Districts and 34 Janpad Panchayats have participated.  Then for rest of 40 Districts and 279 Janpad Panchayats training has been scheduled w.e.f. 20th December 2010 till 11th February 2011. 





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