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Right to Information / Madhya Pradesh Mid Day Meal Program (MDM)
  • Mid Day Meal Scheme was launched on 15th august 1995. Its objective was to boost Universalisation of Education by increasing enrolment, retention and attendance and simultaneously impacting on nutrition of student in school. Hot cooked Mid Day Meal started in the year 2004 in primary schools and tribal    education backward districts. In the year 2008 Mid Day Meal started in all upper primary schools.
  • Objectives of the scheme are:-
    ♦  To boost Universalisation of education by improving enrolment, attendance, retention and learning levels of students, especially those belonging to disadvantaged sections.
    ♦  To improve nutritional status of student of Students of primary & upper schools
    ♦  To give economical assistance to the poor women.
  • Programmer Intervention & Coverage -
    To achieve the above objectives a cooked mid day meal with minimum 450 calories and 12-15 grammas of protein content in primary and 750 calories and 20 grammes of protein content in upper primary is providing to all children studying primary & upper primary classes in - ♦   Govt. local body and Govt. aided school and
    ♦   EGS, AIE centres and Madarsa/ maqtab
    ♦   NCLP schools
    In the Mid day meal scheme Mr. N.K. Shrivastav is a officer of Right to information and Mr. G.C. Dohar is Assistant officer of Right to information.
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