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FAQs / Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority
Question 1 What is PMGSY and when was it started?
Answer PMGSY means Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, and Government of India launched this Yojna on 25 Dec. 2000.
Question 2 What are the objectives of PMGSY?
Answer The objectives and priorities of PMGSY are as under :-
  1. Unconnected village habitants of populations 1000 of more and in tribal area village having population 500 and more.
  2. Unconnected village habitants of population 500 or more and in tribal area village having population 250 and more.
  3. Up gradation of old roads in descending order of population for village connectivity.
Question 3 What is MPRRDA?
Answer MPRRDA means Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority. It is the authority to execute the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, in Madhya Pradesh state.
Question 4 From Where the PMGSY fund allocated?
Answer Government of India provides 100% fund allocation under PMGSY for road construction work only.
Question 5 When the villages having population 1000+ and in tribal area 500+ will get connected?
Answer The village habitation 1000+ and 500+ in tribal area of M.P. expected to be connected by the year 2013.
Question 6 What are the specifications followed for road construction work?
Answer PMGSY fully takes care of quality road construction and frequently inspected by the State Quality Monitors, National Quality Monitors and the officers of the authority.
Question 7 When a particular village will be connected? How this is decided?
Answer In the descending order of population of villages, connectivity is decided in PMGSY.
Question 8 What is PIU?
Answer It is the Project Implementation Unit of MPRRDA working at district level.
Question 9 Who is responsible for PIU?
Answer The General Manager is responsible for PIU.
Question 10 What are the consultant responsibilities?
Answer Two types of consultant are there :
  1. DPR consultant, who prepares the detailed project report for roads.
  2. upervision quality control consultant, who supervises and ensure quality control of roads under construction.
Question 11 What is SQM?
Answer SQM means State Quality Monitor, who inspects the quality of road under PIU.
Question 12

What is NQM?


NQM means National Quality Monitor, who inspects the quality of road, completed in the district.

Question 13

What is the eligibility for the contractor?


A-3 Contractor To execute the work costing up to 2 crores.
A-4 Contractor- To execute the work costing up to 5 crores.
A-5 Contractor- To execute the work costing more the 5 crores.

Question 14 What is the guarantee period maintenance and how it is decided?

The guarantee period for road maintenance is five years and this period commences from the date of completion of road work.

Question 15 How the quality of road maintenance is assured?

The quality of road maintenance have been assured according to the original road constructed.

Question 16

What is single connectivity?


Single connectivity means to join the habitation of unconnected village to the main road in a straight line.

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